Telegraph Fantasy Football

The Telegraph Fantasy Football is become increasingly popular in recent seasons as it is of course by a national newspaper which means it gets a fair amount of coverage to promote it. To enter a team into the Telegraph Fantasy Football it will cost 10 or a a Manager is allowed to enter two teams for a special offer 15, there is a decent amount of prize money to be one both overall and on a monthly basis to make the initial fee worthwhile.

How To Play

The Telegraph Fantasy Football gives Managers an 80million budget to play with and they must select 18 players with that money to make up their squad, a 4-4-2 formation must be used by the players. Managers must pick;

  • Two Goalkeepers
  • Three Full Backs
  • Three Centre Backs
  • Six Midfielders
  • Four Strikers

As with most games players Managers can play on their own or they can join or set up a private Mini-League which are known as 'Super Leagues' in the Telegraph Fantasy Football. Transfers through the game are free but there is a limit of 15 for the entire season which can be frustrating as there is no other way you can make them even for an extra fee.

A key selection in the Telegraph is the Captain as each week the player who is selected as Captain will score double points which more often than not proves crucial come the end of the season. A good captain could well score the majority of your teams points each week and likewise a poor selection could almost rule you out of having any chance of climbing the league.

Points Scoring

Points can be picked up by the starting 11 players in the Premier League and also the FA Cup which means players in teams that have a good cup run may well give a Fantasy side a big boost through a season.

All players

  • +2 pts for a starting XI appearance
  • +1 pt for a substitute appearance
  • +3 pts for a goal assist
  • +5 pts for scoring a goal
  • +3 pts for being Man-of-the-Match
  • -5 pts for being sent off
  • -2 pts for a booking
  • -5 pts for missing a penalty (including shoot-outs)
  • -3 pts for an own goal

Keepers and Defenders only

  • +4 pts for a full match clean sheet
  • +2 pts for not conceding a goal during a substitute-appearance
  • +5 pts for a penalty save (goalkeepers only)
  • -1 pt for each goal conceded (excluding penalty shoot-outs


The Telegraph Fantasy Football is a mid level game in terms of depth and complexity as it does offer both the more casual Managers and the hands-on Managers enough to make it worthwhile playing. 10 to enter a team is expensive and although there is decent prize money on offer 10 still feels a little steep if you are a casual Manager. The points scoring is easy to follow and does involve both the Premier League and the FA Cup which can have its benefits as well as disadvantages through the season.

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